Meet Sadie and Porter

Spotlight Post! Meet Sadie Bollman who, alongside Porter, has been a wonderful extern at Greenbelt Land Trust! Read on to learn more about Sadie, her interesting projects, and of course to see her cute puppy who’s attendance at every meeting was welcomed and highly anticipated…

I’m Sadie and my sweet little Golden Retriever puppy is Porter. I originally grew up in the Willamette Valley, but I moved to Southern Oregon to attend school at Oregon Tech. I double majored in Biology-Health Sciences and Communication Studies with a Minor in Psychology. I came back to Corvallis to be closer to my family, which is how I got connected with Greenbelt Land Trust.

Porter (15 weeks) & I – Monroe, OR – Winter 2018

I am currently finishing my Communication Studies Degree by doing my externship with the wonderful staff at Greenbelt. Throughout my externship, I created a Public Relations Plan and helped provide insight on social media, blogging, website management, and various other communication aspects. I have enjoyed giving my time to Greenbelt Land Trust, and I have gotten so much in return.

I spent most of my summer outdoors enjoying nature throughout the Cascades and Willamette Valley. All the while I wondered what I should do for my externship and then the opportunity at Greenbelt presented itself. It seems fitting to me how I spent so much time exploring the area that Greenbelt  works so hard to protect for future generations and then ended up working with them.

Mary’s Peak – Summer 2017

Growing up here and then leaving for six years has given me a new appreciation for the Willamette Valley, and for organizations like Greenbelt that work so hard to preserve its beauty. My appreciation extends to volunteers, donors, board members, and trustees that freely give their time to help better our community. This willingness to give hits close to home for me because both my mom and dad are Greenbelt Volunteer Naturalists. My dad is also part of the Trustee Council after serving on the Greenbelt Board. In retrospect, it should have seemed like the obvious choice for me to join and I am sure glad I did! Even my nephew is an aspiring Volunteer Naturalist!

Jackson, the future Volunteer Naturalist (2 years old) – Corvallis, OR – Fall 2017

What I have taken away from my experience at Greenbelt is that no matter what skills you have, you can use them and put them to good work to help better your community. I am so fortunate to be able to use the skills I have acquired in college to give back locally. I didn’t foresee myself working for a land trust to complete my Communications Degree; however, I think there is no better place for me to be than at Greenbelt Land Trust.

How Porter and I feel about GLT (8 weeks) – Corvallis, OR – Fall 2017

I am so grateful to everyone at Greenbelt who has been so welcoming and helpful throughout my time with the organization. They have helped me grow academically, professionally, and personally. Although my externship will be ending soon, I look forward to continuing to volunteer and watch Greenbelt Land Trust prosper as an organization.