Writing Workshop with Oregon Poet Laureate, Kim Stafford **waitlist**

Greenbelt is delighted to host a writing workshop led by the profoundly gifted Kim Stafford, Oregon’s Poet Laureate. Poetry is in Stafford’s DNA as his father, William Stafford, served as Oregon’s Poet Laureate from 1974 to 1989. Stafford’s works are deep, curious, holistic and serve to transport the reader into soothing reflection and recognition for the meaning of place, nature, and life. This is a not-to-miss workshop!

Excellent for readers, writers, and nature lovers.

Join us for an engaging workshop which will include instruction, writing outdoors, and group reading.

This event is full. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please fill out the form below:

Writing Workshop (10/10/19) Waitlist

Members Happy Hour: Bald Hill Farm


Calling all Greenbelt members! Join us at the Farmhouse at Bald Hill Farm for a happy hour and pot-luck picnic October 3rd from 4-7pm. We’ll provide the beer from Sky High Brewing and you can test out our new horseshoe pits. Feel free to bring a dish to share and a blanket or game for the lawn! This is an opportunity to mix and mingle with your fellow members in our backyard.

Space is limited for this free event. Register today!

This is part of a quarterly series of ‘Members-Only’ outings … just one of the many incentives to become and renew your membership. If you are not a member, simply become one and you are eligible for these fun events! Become a member HERE.

Members Happy Hour: Bald Hill Farm

    If unsure, contact Membership Manager Ashley Relf to find out or to renew! ashley@greenbeltlandtrust.org or (541) 752-9609.

Art on the Farm

Join us for a near-equinox afternoon of art at Bald Hill Farm

In the Autumn-esque midday light—paint, photograph, craft, or draw pastoral scenes of rolling hills, oak groves, barns, cows, and critters. Be inspired by the muse that is Bald Hill Farm. Pick your medium and bring your lunch!

No experience necessary! Bring your own materials for this no-instruction event where we’ll make art simply for our own delight. What a magical time to be inspired by the landscape at Bald Hill Farm, as the light shifts from summer to fall.

This gathering is hosted by Greenbelt Volunteer Naturalist, Miriam Edell

From Sting to Medicine

Dan the Wasp Man

Dan Scollard getting ready to remove wasps at Bald Hill Farm

Bald Hill Farm recently had a wasp nest removed by the curious and courageous Dan Scollard of Oregon Wasp.

The nest—too close to the farmhouse for comfort—was home to the Bald-Faced Hornet (Dolichovespula maculate), the largest wasp in this area and Dan’s favorite social wasp because they have “lots of personality and can hover, fly backward, bite, sting, and squirt venom.”

A little known—and sometimes confusing—fact: We have no true native hornets in North America. The Bald-Faced Hornet and its relative, the yellow hornet, are actually Aerial Yellowjackets. The only true hornet in North America is the invasive Vespa crabro European hornet—which is not found on the west coast.

Bald-Faced Hornets are primarily aerial hunters of anything smaller than them, including yellow jackets. And the adults will enjoy a sip of nectar from time to time.

Greenbelt had the nest of Bald-Faced Hornets removed to protect visitors to the farmhouse, some of whom may be allergic when stung. Dan sends the wasps he collects to a lab where the venom is extracted from each wasp, amazingly, by hand. From there, immunotherapy shots are made from the venom and used to save the lives of people who have extreme allergies to wasp stings.

Learn more about the remarkable Dan Scollard in this recent Democrat-Herald article.

Use Your Camera to Learn More About Nature **FILLED**





This interactive workshop will cover ways you can use your camera—whether it’s a phone, pocket camera or DSLR—to learn more about nature. Learn how to get sharp, usable images and where you can get help identifying the species you’ve taken photos of.

Did you know that most phones, and many cameras, can record sounds and that can help you identify birds and other nature sounds?

Bring whichever camera you have. This workshop will involve hands-on experience and minimal walking.

Don Boucher will lead this workshop. Don’s professional life involves photography and video editing. He is a regular Greenbelt volunteer and part of the Neighborhood Naturalist program. He has extensive experience collecting images, video, and sounds as a tool to learn about local nature.

**This workshop is full**