‘Beers Made By Walking’ Release Party

Celebrate with us during Corvallis Beer Week as we enjoy the first tastings of beer and mead inspired by Greenbelt lands!

Beers Made By Walking (BMBW) invites brewers to create place-based beers inspired by plants found on nature walks. This year BMBW is holding its first ever Corvallis-focused beer tapping event featuring 4 beers/mead that were inspired by natural areas in the Corvallis area. The event takes place on September 7th, beginning at 6pm, at Mazama Brewing in Corvallis and is part of Corvallis Beer Week.

The hike-inspired beers and mead come directly from a collaboration with the Greenbelt Land Trust, which sent botanists to lead public, summer hikes with brewers on two conservation areas in the mid-Willamette Valley. Brewers and participants learned about private land conservation and water resources in the area, in addition to native and invasive plants. The brewers have been challenged to create a brew that represents the trails they walked.

In past years the BMBW the program has yielded over 100 place-based beers, with interesting varietals, including the use of ingredients like lemonbalm, sage, fescue, juniper, wheatgrass, and wild ricegrass. The beers for the September 7th tapping will be revealed as the date gets closer.

Each brewery is donating their unique beer and mead for this event. The proceeds will support the Greenbelt Land Trust’s work to help people protect and steward the land, river, and trails that we all enjoy here in the mid-Valley.

“I hope that this program gives drinkers a sense of place, get people outdoors, do something creative, and think about our local landscapes in new ways. Place is one of the only things we really have to connect with the world. I think beer that echoes that mindset is beautiful, because you can feel an attachment to it in a way that is different than a beer that doesn’t have a sense of place,” says Eric Steen, founder of Beers Made By Walking.

Participating breweries and meadery include: Flat Tail Brewing, Mazama Brewing, Nectar Creek Mead, Sky High Brewing
Mazama Brewing is located at 33930 SE Eastgate Circle, Corvallis, OR 97333

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Beers Made By Walking – Series 1

Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites local brewers to go on nature hikes and make new beer inspired by edible and medicinal plants found outdoors.  Since 2011 over 1000 breweries in five states have participated with local environmental organization to produce hundreds of different beers, each inspired by the land around the participating breweries. Natural elements used in beers have included: Lemon balm, elder flower, yarrow, mustard seed, honey, and fennel.

This year Beers Made By Walking is coming to Corvallis and partnering with Greenbelt Land Trust, to celebrate and honor the beers and natural areas of the mid-Willamette Valley!

You are invited to join brewers from Mazama Brewing and Flat Tail Brewing as we take a walk throughout Bald Hill Farm with expert botanists to discuss the brewing process and  learn about the watershed, it’s role in the region, the edible and medicinal plants we see along the way, and history on the region. The hike is led and coordinated by Greenbelt staff, with the aid of guest ethnobotanists and community members that we identify and coordinate in advance. These walks will serve as a launching point to inspire brewers to create nature-inspired craft brews to be launched in the fall.

For more information and to sign up for this walk (spaces are limited – sign up now!), email Rebecca. We will also be holding a Beers Made By Walking outing on May 28th with Nectar Creek and Sky High Brewing. More info on that walk HERE.

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