Faces of Greenbelt – The Brandt Family

The Brandt family is proud to mix business with pleasure because they feel honored to both restore and enjoy natural areas and rivers across Oregon. Troy Brandt is the Principle Biologist at River Design Group in Corvallis. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in bringing rivers, floodplains, and estuaries back to their natural, healthy states. Much of this work has focused on recovering imperiled salmon populations. His professional and personal lives overlap because of his passion for restoration and his family’s love for the outdoors. Within this overlap, Greenbelt Land Trust was a natural fit for his family’s outdoor recreation interests and Troy’s efforts to restore floodplain habitat at the Harkens Lake conservation area along the Willamette River.

What inspired you to get involved with Greenbelt Land Trust?

“My wife Marisa and I care about Greenbelt Land Trust because we know first-hand the importance of working to protect our waterways for people and wildlife. Greenbelt is a great resource that protects natural areas and provides trails, events, and education. It takes a lot of effort and money to conserve land and rivers. Our family appreciates this work and we know how crucial it is, especially for our kids. This is why we are proud to be supporting members of Greenbelt.”

How do your background and job influence your support for Greenbelt?

“Being a restoration biologist, avid fisherman, and an outdoor enthusiast, I think special places are worth protecting for the sake of being protected in order to leave them better for the next person, including my children. I have a great appreciation for nature and my family and I are very active outdoors. We have a stake in nature and want to protect it and help to fund it.”

What is your favorite outdoor activity to do with your family?

“My kids love to bike, kayak, fish, and camp. At ages 5 and 8, I encourage them to turn off the TV, put the iPad away, and get outside. One of our favorite places to bike is at Bald Hill Farm. Living in Corvallis, it is easy to get out and get in tune with nature.”

If you could pass onto your kids a feeling, idea, or lesson about conserving our environment, what would it be?

“I grew up exploring oak woodlands and fishing creeks and ponds. Because of my proximity to natural areas and my sense of adventure, I developed an appreciation for the outdoors early on. I want to impart this sense of appreciation to my kids. I want them to grow up exploring the outdoors and caring for the environment.”

The Brandts are Greenbelt members who like to unplug and tune into nature.