A Conservation Community

Walking through the immense halls of the Denver Convention Center, a steady stream of fleece-clad land trust professionals moved in and out of conference rooms, eager to share, network, and learn. Welcome to the annual Land Trust Alliance Rally! This year Greenbelt Land Trust was fortunate to send three staff and two board members to ‘Rally’, immersing ourselves in seminars, workshops and field trips. Want to learn about the Risk Management of Fee Lands? There’s a seminar for that! How about Climate Resilience for Land Protection? Yep, you can find that as well. Critical Components of Successful Ballot Measures, or Voluntary Water Rights Transactions? Yes, Read More

Teachers Weave Connections- From Food Webs to Baskets

“Exploring Oregon Ecosystems: From Oak Savanna to Riparian Woodland” is an environmental education program with outdoor experiences for both teachers and 3rd-grade students.  By developing a deeper understanding of oak and riparian ecosystems and familiarity with field techniques through the teacher workshop, this project will provide a pathway to engage students in an inquiry-based field and classroom program. The project is being led by Greenbelt Land Trust, the Institute for Applied Ecology, and Marys River Watershed Council with generous support from the Gray Family Foundation, Willamette Habitat Restoration, and others. The project is based at the Bald Hill Farm Conservation Area. The following story is from Read More

Wild (life) Lessons from Botswana

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard   I should have been scared. With flapping ears and outstretched trunk, it lumbered towards us with a warning to stay back. It was just too cute for me to be worried; however, the mother staring intently from behind her baby boy was more formidable. We knew to keep our distance for a charging elephant is no joke. Plus, our encounter the day before was too close and a bit comical (in our effort to escape a charging bull elephant, we Read More

A Place for Us

I was sitting with a friend riverside on the Mary’s. He owns an idyllic little place tucked in the valley, rich with small town history and wild with plant life. As we watched the kids bobbing and floating in the swimming hole hidden by a circle of trees, he says if he didn’t have all of this—if I had to go back 18 years without an opportunity to buy land, I would have liked to partner with someone who did. Invest myself in the wealth of the place, even if it wasn’t mine. Because isn’t that what it’s all about, sharing? I nodded, but with Read More

Inspired by Birds

My husband, Bret Bosma, and I became Volunteer Naturalists with Greenbelt Land Trust for the first time this year.  We have been fans of Bald Hill and Fitton Green for years for a variety of reasons.  It is a short bike ride to miles of trail for running, walking our dog, and just meandering around and looking out for new plants and animals as the season change.  It has been really fun to spend time there in “official” capacity and get to know other users, volunteers, and staff and continue learning about all the fabulous plants and animals in Corvallis’ backyard. On our Volunteer Naturalist Read More