A Conversation on Conservation






Nature has value, but what is that value and how do we protect it? Given competing interests and visions of the public good, how do we conserve our common resources such as land, water, and air? Participate in a thought-provoking discussion facilitated by Oregon Humanities. This is part of a Conversation Project hosted by Greenbelt Land Trust. Join us as we sit outside at beautiful Bald Hill Farm and explore our environmental values and question how those values are reflected—or not reflected—in current local, national, and global environmental policies.

The discussion will be framed around two readings. Reading at least one in advance is recommended to participate meaningfully in the discussion:

Special guests this evening will include local writers and philosophers, Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael Paul Nelson.


For more info and to sign up, email rebecca@greenbeltlandtrust.org or call the GLT office at (541) 752.9609.

The Conversation Project:

With their Conversation Project, Oregon Humanities brings Oregonians together to talk—across differences, beliefs, and backgrounds—about important issues and ideas.  The goal is to connect people to ideas and to each other, not to push an agenda or arrive at consensus. Conversation is a powerful medium to invite diverse perspectives, explore challenging questions, and strive for just communities. Facilitators are trained to connect their topic to the local community and to challenge participants to think in new ways.


Monica Mueller is an instructor of philosophy at Portland State University and specializes in ethical and political philosophy. She published the book Contrary to Thoughtlessness: Rethinking Practical Wisdom and is interested in discussing the seemingly overwhelming problems of living together in a world with others.