Conserving Land


Greenbelt Land Trust has protected over 3,695 acres of critical habitats, rivers, trails, and working lands throughout the mid-Willamette Valley. These are places that you care about, and they would not have been preserved without your support.

“My dad always said that ‘if you borrow something, you should return it in better shape than you found it’. That is how we feel about this land and this project.” – Landowner Judy Waggle

We offer several tools to help willing landowners protect their land. We work together to choose a protection strategy that meets their conservation goals and financial needs and that is consistent with our mission. Greenbelt may acquire title by purchasing land from a landowner, purchasing certain rights to a property through a voluntary conservation easement, or occasionally through land donations. No matter how the land is protected, Greenbelt Land Trust takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the land and its conservation values will be protected forever.

You can see where we’re working on our Conservation Plan Map

Greenbelt Land Trust protects land that:

  • Protects important and threatened natural communities
  • Provides habitat for endangered or threatened species
  • Preserves water quality
  • Preserves working agricultural lands
  • Preserves trail connections and open space networks