Stewarding Land

Working Together to Build a Sustainable Future

We work hard to ensure that the lands you help us to protect are stewarded into the future. Our stewardship and restoration program follows comprehensive Management Plans for our properties that seek to enhance the lands’ natural habitats. Restoration projects can look like planting trees and shrubs to re-establish a floodplain gallery forest along the Willamette River, placing wood in streams to provide channel diversity, or managing a controlled prairie burn to enhance habitat for endangered upland species.

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Stewardship Fund

To ensure our ability to fulfill our stewardship obligations 10, 50, even 250 years from now, we have an established Stewardship Fund to generate investment income to cover annual stewardship and monitoring expenses, and build our legal defense capabilities to defend conservation values. For information about our Stewardship Fund or to contribute to the fund, contact Jessica McDonald