Join Us on the Land!

Greenbelt has a thriving volunteer community of passionate people with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and experience levels, and we are so grateful for their time and energy!

Interested in volunteering? Please sign up here! This will keep you up to date on upcoming volunteer opportunities and you can specify any unique skills and interests, which makes it easy for us to call on the right people when we need a hand.

Thursday Volunteer Stewards

Looking for a regular opportunity with tasks varying with the season and current projects? Join the TVS – Thursday Volunteer Stewards – to work on trails, battle invasive weeds, collect native seeds, monitor wildlife and more! Sign up through our events calendar.  

Work Parties

We host ½-day public work parties throughout the year. Projects vary by season and the needs of the land; trail workdays, fence removal, seed collection and planting native species are good examples of work party opportunities. Check out our events calendar to see what’s coming up. The events page is generally updated every few weeks.

Are you interested in a private work party for your group? Contact Jean to schedule a chat. Our staff are great facilitators who are ready to provide a safe, rewarding experience that suits your needs and aligns with our mission—no experience is necessary on the part of your group.

Private work parties are best scheduled at least two months in advance, but you are welcome to ask about availability anytime.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help out on your own schedule? Maybe you have a set of skills you’d like to share? We need volunteers year round to help with trail scouting, maintenance, mowing, and more.
Contact Jean to ask about our current individual volunteer projects.