Greenbelt has a thriving volunteer community made of passionate people with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and experience levels, and we are so grateful for their time and energy. Volunteers make an important difference in the quality of land, water, and wildlife in the Willamette Valley.

We welcome all kinds of volunteers: those who are new to everything and excited to learn, individuals lending their expertise to special projects, educational institutions, businesses, and other groups looking to have fun together and make a difference in the outdoors.

“My participation with Greenbelt reminds me to place a priority on conservation when it is so easy to get wrapped up in the busy-ness of life. Even volunteering a few hours on a Saturday can help conserve the beautiful spaces around Corvallis is very rewarding.”  – Volunteer

If you’re personally interested in volunteering, filling out our sign-up form is a great first step. This will sign you up for our e-newsletter, which will keep you up to date on upcoming volunteer opportunities and other public events. This form also gives you space to specify your unique skills and interests, which makes it easy for us to call on the right people when we need a hand.


Six people walk through a brown field of Queen Anne's Lace from left to right, some of them holding hand tools. In the background there is a thick stand of trees. It is a sunny day with a blue sky.Many Hands Make Light Work: Group Opportunities

We host ½-day public work parties throughout the year. Projects vary by season and the needs of the land; trail workdays, fence removal, seed collection and planting native species are good examples of work party opportunities. Check out our events calendar to see what’s coming up. The events page is generally updated every few weeks.

Are you interested in a private work party for your group? Contact Jean to schedule a chat. Our staff are great facilitators who are ready to provide a safe, rewarding experience that suits your needs and aligns with our mission—no experience is necessary on the part of your group.

Private work parties are best scheduled at least two months in advance, but you are welcome to ask about availability anytime.


Volunteer Naturalist Program

Like Trail Ambassador programs popping up all around the region, our Volunteer Naturalist Program relies on person-to-person connections in public places to draw people’s attention to the natural world and inspire them to help care for it. Becoming a Volunteer Naturalist can expand your naturalist, leadership, and outreach skills through an annual training, ongoing support, and a friendly community of other volunteers.

This program is expanding its scope: you don’t have to be a naturalist to take part, and we will train you in everything you need to know! Group Volunteer Naturalist trainings usually happen in March or April, but you can reach out to Jean to express interest or ask questions anytime.


*Volunteers working with youth through partnerships with local schools will be asked to complete a background check.