Jackson-Frazier Wetlands

Greenbelt Land Trust’s involvement with Jackson Frazier Wetlands includes 145 acres that were protected in 1999 and December, 2015, 4 acres of which were later donated to Benton County Natural Areas and Parks as an addition to the extended system managed by County’s Jackson Frazier Wetlands. These properties are adjacent to Greenbelt’s Owens Farm, helping to build an extended network of conserved lands to protect the wetland’s hydrology.

Wildlife & Plants

The majority of this site is classified as wetlands, predominantly palustrine emergent, which includes rushes, sedges and a mixture of grass species, including tall fescue, slough grass, meadow foxtail and reed canary grass.  An area in the center of this property contains a large cattail marsh. The larger Jackson Frazier Wetlands complex is valued for its biodiversity consisting of a mosaic of native wetland prairie, mixed wetland forest-shrub habitat, a narrow band of riparian ash forest, and includes small populations of three plant species that are federally listed as endangered or threatened.

Building a Conservation Footprint

The conservation footprint at Jackson Frazier Wetlands and Owens Farm creates an extensive network of 500 protected acres at our city limits.

Together, Making a Difference

GLT’s two parcels at Jackson-Frazier Wetlands were protected through strong partnerships with private landowners, as well as partnership with Benton County Natural Areas and Parks.

“Jackson Frazier not only offers a diverse mix of habitats and native flora, but it is also a place that serves as a reminder of the power of partnerships. Organizations like Benton County Natural Areas and Parks, the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District, the City of Corvallis, and the countless committed citizens who appreciate this area, are the reasons that this region has been protected for our community.” – Michael Pope, Executive Director.


4 acres of the property are managed by Benton County Natural Areas and Parks in partnership with Greenbelt Land Trust as outlined in the Jackson Frazier Management Plan. 141 acres donated as a conservation easement to Greenbelt in 2015 are managed by the landowner, in partnership with Greenbelt Land Trust.

Public Access

The 4 acres that are managed by Benton County Natural Areas and Parks are publicly accessible. The 141 acres protected through a conservation easement in 2015 are not publicly-accessible. For a full list of public trails, visit The Right Trail – your local resource for trails in Benton County!