Lupine Meadows

Lupine Meadows is a spectacular 95 acre collection of upland and wetland habitats capable of supporting a large diversity of plants and animals, including significant populations of endangered species. Permanently protected through a conservation easement in 2005, followed by an outright purchase in 2007, Lupine Meadows offers Greenbelt Land Trust the opportunity to preserve and restore important native habitats, and develop outreach opportunities to promote education about Willamette Valley ecosystems and restoration.

Wildlife & Plants

Focal species on this property include the threatened Kincaid’s lupine and Nelson’s checkermallow plant species, the endangered Fender’s blue butterfly, and bird species such as the Vesper sparrow.

Building a Conservation Footprint

Lupine Meadows is part of a vast network of protected lands, including Bald Hill Farm, Bald Hill Natural Area, and Fitton Green Natural Area – creating a footprint of 1,237 acres.

Together, Making a Difference

The permanent protection of this important and ecologically sensitive property was enabled through strong partnership with landowners Andrew and Lauralee Martin, and funding through the following agencies: USFWS North American Wetlands Conservation Act, USFWS Landowner Incentive Program, and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.


Upland and wetland prairie habitats found at Lupine Meadows are the most imperiled native habitats in the Willamette Valley and host most of the rare and listed plant and animal species in the ecoregion. The Management Plan for this property places the highest priority on restoration of these habitats and species, with emphasis on Fender’s blue butterfly and Kincaid’s lupine. The result at Lupine Meadows will be a grassland-dominated landscape, with some portions of ash swale and riparian corridors. Ongoing, long-term management is necessary to maintain prairie habitats free of encroaching woody vegetation and invasive exotic species. An integrated approach includes prescribed fire, manual and mechanical clearing, seeding with native species, herbicides and alternative methods necessary for this effort.

Public Access

Public access at Lupine Meadows is limited to GLT-led tours and events at this time.