Muddy Creek

Greenbelt permanently protected this 35-acre property in 2019 through a generous landowner donation of a conservation easement. Learn more about this property HERE.

Wildlife & Plants

Muddy Creek is located west of Highway 99W with its headwaters near Monroe and its confluence with the Marys River just west of Corvallis. The area includes William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge and Beaver, Bull Run, and Evergreen Creeks. The wide riparian buffers along Muddy Creek contain diverse native riparian plant communities, and is home to some of the best Oregon ash-oak forest remaining in the valley. Rare plant species in this corridor include Kincaid’s lupine, Nelson’s checkermallow, Bradshaw’s desert parsley, Willamette daisy, peacock larkspur, thin-leafed peavine, and tricolored monkey flower.

Building a Conservation Footprint

Including Finley Wildlife Refuge, nearly 7,000 acres have been in active restoration in this area, including the City of Corvallis’s Herbert Farm property, a 220-acre project at the confluence of Muddy Creek and the Marys River.

Together, Making a Difference

The permanent protected of Muddy Creek was made possible through a strong partnership with the landowner, who generously donated a conservation easement to protect the property.

Public Access

Muddy Creek is accessible only through GLT-led tours and events at this time.