Newton Creek

Newton Creek is a 7 acre property that lies adjacent to Newton Creek. This wetland prairie property was permanently protected by GLT in 1998 and is adjacent to Lupine Meadows, a key upland prairie property protected by GLT in 2005.

Wildlife & Plants

The portion of the property under easement is composed of pastureland with ash forest along the perimeter and wetland, which contain endangered Nelson’s checkermallow.  An excavated pond provides habitat for wildlife species.

Building a Conservation Footprint

The property is located within the Newton Creek Wetlands Complex, a series of wetlands south of West Hills Road

Together, Making a Difference

The permanent protected of Newton Creek was made possible through a strong partnership with the landowners Rich Medley and Annabelle Jaramillo.

Public Access

Newton Creek is accessible only through GLT-led tours and events at this time.