Heritage Circle Stories – Al Kitzman and Sue Tangeman

A few years back, Sue and I decided to establish an estate plan. If you have not done one, it’s an interesting exercise. We needed to consider a Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, Executor, plus, what to do with all our stuff.

We naturally thought about family and a share of the assets will go to them. The remainder, we decided to leave to local organizations that we have a strong affinity towards.

When we considered what we value in our lives, access to natural areas, land conservation, trails, diverse ecosystems, endangered species protection, good stewardship practices, the idea of including Greenbelt Land Trust in our estate plans was an easy choice. This financial boost can provide matching funds for grants to purchase property, and grow an endowment fund to pay for critical stewardship work.

Charlie and Elsie Ross’s dream to conserve land and enhance all our lives has flourished for 30 years. We feel honored to be able to support that effort for many generations to come.

Al Kitzman and Sue Tangeman