Stock Donations

Gifts of stock, bonds, and mutual funds are an easy way to make a contribution to Greenbelt Land Trust. Benefits of making a charitable stock donation may include:

  • Income Tax Savings
  • Capital Gains Tax Savings

How to make a stock donations

Donating securities is as simple as:

  • Contact your financial advisor to initiate the sale
  • Your financial advisor will contact Greenbelt Land Trust (541.752.9609) to obtain pertinent account information
  • Let us know that the contribution is coming by contacting Jessica McDonald by email or phone (541.752.9609)
  • We will sell the stock upon receipt and the funds will go directly into enhancing Greenbelt’s programs!
  • You will receive a notification of the stock sale including a tax-deduction letter

Please let us know if we can help you through any of this process. For information about additional estate planning options, download our Planned Giving Guide, or contact us to sit down and discuss the legacy that you would like to leave.