Bald Hill Farm


In 2010 Greenbelt Land Trust began an unprecedented community campaign to acquire the iconic Bald Hill Farm, protecting a vital community resource for generations to come. This 587 acre Farm is at the heart of the mid-Valley, with three miles of public trails, scenic vistas from pastures to ridgelines, and some of the most critical remnant habitats in Western Oregon.

In July, 2013 Greenbelt Land Trust celebrated the acquisition of Bald Hill Farm and the culmination of three years of intensive outreach, education, and fundraising to protect this flagship property. Bald Hill Farm is a visionary property adjacent to Bald Hill Natural Area, where public trails combine with cows, endangered wildlife and plants find refuge, and children come to learn about the natural world. This is an urban farm that supports local food production, recreation, and education. There is nothing else like it.

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Wildlife & Plants

Bald Hill Farm is home to three federally endangered plant species, including Kincaid’s lupine, Nelson’s checkermallow, and Willamette Daisy. The property lies at the core of Benton County’s Habitat Conservation Plan as a keystone site for prairie restoration, a habitat that once dominated the Valley and of which only 1% remains.  Birders often take advantage of the Bald Hill region for its abundance of wildlife – the last bird survey held at the Farm counted 45 different bird species, including Vesper Sparrows, Western Bluebirds, and Pileated Woodpeckers.

Wildlife photos from Bald Hill Farm.

Building a Conservation Footprint

Adjacent protected lands include: Bald Hill Natural Area, Fitton Green Natural Area, and Lupine Meadows. These four propertied lands combined create a 1,237 acre mosaic of protected lands and miles of trail systems.

Together, Making a Difference

Partners that made the protection of Bald Hill Farm possible include the landowners whom GLT purchased the property from, Andrew and Lauralee Martin, funding agencies: Bonneville Power Administration, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This major acquisition would not have happened without the incredible support from our community, whose private investments enabled us to purchase and steward the Farm. Thank you!


A Management Plan for Bald Hill Farm was completed in 2015 that outlines the overarching management goals for the diverse habitats on the property. The Bald Hill Farm Management Plan was developed in close partnership with funders, staff, and a technical advisory team. Because of the size and scope of this property, the Management Plan is adaptive and flexible, and outlines diverse goals including: habitat enhancement, sustainable forestry, guidance on grazing regimens, trail connections and maintenance, and educational opportunities.

Public Access

Three miles of public trails allow you to visit Bald Hill Farm. Please remember that off-trail sections of the property are accessed only through GLT-led tours and events. For a map of all publicly-accessible trails throughout Benton County, including Bald Hill Farm, visit The Right Trail website!

Farm Related Inquiries

Do you have a question about the management of Bald Hill Farm? Visit our Bald Hill Farm FAQ! If your question is not addressed, please contact us through our Contact Form or 541.752.9609. If you have an after-hours emergency (loose animal, broken fence, etc.) that needs immediate attention please call Matt Blakeley-Smith (Stewardship Director) at 541.231.9861.