Bald Hill Farm FAQ

How does farming fit into the Management Plan for the property?

The goal is to use rotational grazing by a variety of livestock as a management tool to help control invasive species and keep prairie habitats open, while promoting more sustainable agriculture in our community.

Who do I call if I see escaped or injured livestock?

This won’t be a likely occurrence since staff and/or farmers are on site throughout the day to check food and water supplies and tend to the animals. However, if you see anything of concern, please call Greenbelt Land Trust at 541-752-6909 (M-F, 8am-5pm). For emergency after-hours, contact Jeff Baker (Stewardship Manager) at 541.207.5527.

Can I pet or feed the livestock?

Please don’t touch or feed cattle, sheep or other stock, and stay out of pastures. These animals can be quite large and we wouldn’t want them to mistakenly hurt a visitor. Males with a group of females, or mothers with young could feel threatened by curious humans, and might be a risk to visitors who get too near. Please enjoy watching the animals from the trail.

My dog is curious about farm animals, do I need to control him/her?

Per Benton County Natural Areas and Parks regulations, dogs need to be under voice control or leashed at all times to visit trails on Bald Hill Farm. Some dogs who are generally well behaved may still want to chase or bark at livestock even when their owners call them to heel. If this sounds like your pet, please keep her/him on a leash when within sight of livestock, particularly baby animals or poultry. Your dog is free to run in the nearby signposted off-leash area at Bald Hill Natural Area.